My journey with Yoga has taken many twists and turns over the course of several years.  I became aware of seated yoga during the time I successfully initiated a petition to get a Sci-Fit (Seated Elliptical) purchased for a City of Edmonton run Recreation Centre.

The first yoga class I participated in was a seated yoga class through a non-profit agency that was perfect for someone with mobility issues. I then decided to try yoga classes that were available through the City of Edmonton run Recreation Centres.  The first yoga class I participated in through a recreation centre had two different yoga styles.

Gentle yoga and Yin Yoga, Gentle yoga was described to me as gentle in nature, supposed to be perfect for those who cannot meet the demands of physically straining exercises. A typical gentle yoga session consists of slight modifications of the standard poses of hatha yoga. In a lot of poses, the only modification made is that the practitioner is not forced to go as deeply into the pose as required by the standard yoga session. The ultimate aim of this kind of practice is to make sure that the practitioner does not experience any discomfort while performing the pose.

Yin Yoga was described to me as a slow-paced style of yoga with poses that can be held comparatively long periods of time, mostly sitting or lying poses. Yin Yoga poses apply moderate pressure to the connective tissues, the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

I attended a few classes but found the poses to be too difficult; I made the decision to stop participating in the yoga class; I them attempted to lobby the City of Edmonton to encourage them to offer seated yoga classes.

And this is where it gets interesting; sometime later I received word from someone that a yoga class called chair yoga was being offered by a Recreation Centre run by the City of Edmonton.  I attended the class because I had been lead to believe that it was the same as seated yoga once again I attended classes for a time but found that the class was not seated yoga but in fact it was literally a yoga class that uses a chair as a prop for yoga poses; after attending several classes of chair yoga I became concerned for my physical safety; yet again I quit another yoga class that isn’t suitable for me; it became so frustrating for me I decided to give up the search for a suitable yoga class; I have once again decided to lobby the City of Edmonton to offer a suitable seated yoga class; ultimately I think it’s important to offer seated yoga classes and adapted workout equipment such as the sci-fit in all city run recreation centres rather than having a seated yoga class at one centre and adapted equipment at another location; in keeping with my belief in creating a level playing field for all citizens and to engage, enlighten and empower.

Unfortunately the City of Edmonton Community and Recreation Facilities staff confirmed that they currently do not offer a seated yoga class at any of their facilities but they do offer chair yoga classes.   If you or someone you know would like to urge the City of Edmonton to offer a seated yoga class, Dial 311 or email  You may even consider contacting your City Councillor for support.

To inquire if a yoga instructor is registered with the professional association you can reach out to:

Yoga Association of Alberta 

11759 Groat Road
Edmonton, AB
T5M 3K6
Tel: (780) 427-8776

I mentioned the Sci – Fit (Seated Elliptical) in this blog post and others in the past; The stepper and the arm crank style are available at the following facilities:

Recumbent Steppers
The Kinsmen Sports Center  (1)
Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre (1) **as of September this will increase to 2** 
Clareview Community Recreation Centre (1)
The Meadows Community Recreation Centre (2)
Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre (2)
Sci Fit Total Body Trainer
Central Lions Recreation Centre (1) They have there own membership structure
Sci Fit Arm Ergometer 
The Kinsmen Sports Center (2)
Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre (2) **Right now these are Technogym Arm Cranks, as of September they will be sci fit** Clareview Community Recreation Centre (1)
The Meadows Community Recreation Centre (2)
Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre (1)
Mill Woods Recreation Centre (1)
Oleary Fitness and Leisure Centre (1)


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