Courtesy Parking with a Disability Placard

The week of June 11, 2018 I received a letter from the City of Edmonton dated June 13, 2018 informing me that as of July 15, 2018 I would no longer be able to use my disabled parking placard at any city owned parking meters for free.  I posted the letter on my Facebook page and all poop broke lose; someone shared it on other social media sites and before I knew it I had a photographer in my living room; it really did take on a life of its own; I think it’s obvious where I stand on this one.
Not my first rodeo with the media; likely not my last.
Since this issue has come to light there have been opinions express most have been supportive but also some not so much. It is important that people understand the truth about disability parking placards issued in Alberta.
First and foremost they are not free; you need a doctor to complete a form which may have a fee associated.  The placards themselves expire just like a driver’s license; the cost to renew the placard depends on where you get it renewed.
Free parking is limited to the meter or signage at the parking space; if you park at a meter or a parking space that has a two hour limit you need to move your vehicle or risk being ticketed or towed.
You don’t require a driver’s license to obtain a disability placards; they are not limited to individuals with physical disabilities.
If you suspect anyone of abusing the parking placards I urge you to report it; don’t complain about it on social media do something about it.
How to apply for a parking placard:
Report parking placard abuse:
City Councillors have weighed in on this issue as well; perhaps it’s time to restructure City of Edmonton so that the Mayor and City Council are informed before a Department makes decisions instead of being at arms-length.
According to one Member of City Council It has been flagged for discussion at Tuesday’s Council meeting (June 26, 2018). Apparently there will be both long and short-term solutions identified.
Some have indicated they were unaware of this policy change.
I believe we all agree that all tax payers have a right to a certain level of services.  With advances in technology there has to be a way to make it work so that citizens are not negatively impacted; it’s up to City Council and the Mayor to figure it out.
If you would like to express concern or support regarding this new policy you can do so by dialing 311 or emailing
You can also reach out to your City Councillor or the Mayor; find contact links here:
“I strongly disapprove of this move by the City of Edmonton because it is a valuable program that assists the disabled community at large greatly.  With a majority of this community being on a very fixed income be it a pension, OAS, or AISH, this program is a valued and needed service.”
Steven P.K.
For a City Council and Mayor that tout themselves as ushers of a progressive and inclusive NEW Edmonton, there actions are often contrary to their message. This specific issue is a textbook example of the inability to think long term for a group of Edmontonian’s most at need”
Daniel H.

UPDATE: June 26, 2018


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