Joel Holmberg, in his own words

By now most of you have heard about the gentlemen who offered to share his ‘stolen land’ with a First Nations family.  This is Joel Holmberg’s story in his own words.

I never could be an Indian because I’m the whitest dude you ever saw. My ancestors were the empire, the senators of Rome; the colonizers. I was born an unwanted bastard. I came up suffering; beaten and abused. I was full of suicidal thoughts. I was to and from the arms of death and the arms of the angels. Dying; living and dying again; fighting. I had nobody to turn to and nothing to hope for. Booze, drugs, madness and pain was the sentence and I did the time with that way of coping with pain until it nearly did me in. In this country I have lived in four provinces and one territory. It’s not very kind to outsiders most places. I found out there was another culture in this country; an older one. They loved the land like I do, respected others and were kind. They helped me to find my own way to healing and prayed for me even though I was possibly and probably a direct descendant of the people that brought the suffering on to their ancestors. I support them because the rich white Canada tossed me aside like garbage and shit on me when I needed help, but those good people did not. They made a serious effort to help me. I support them because my heart says they are good just like it also says that so much of our sick nation that we’re all trying to survive in isn’t. The traditional culture that has what it takes to heal nations, manage the land in a good way, and bring people together is the one really worth saving. Not the sick racist one, the elitist one. Not the greedy, mean, woman killing, child harming one, the divisive culture of destruction, greed, corruption, and pollution. The diseased, ignorant, cruel, poisoning, concrete and asphalt heap of the broken. I don’t like the medieval school systems, the broken religion systems, the thieving government systems, the evil banking systems, or the vibrating right out of your skin assaulted nervous systems. I like the sound of the wind in the leaves, kids laughing, water moving, birds singing their songs, and I like the grass on my bare feet. I like sunshine warm on my skin and fresh air in my lungs. I love wildlife and peaceful life. If I was a millionaire I would give it to a traditional so that the healing can be spread to all the places that it’s badly needed and the next generations can have a chance. The guy that said does not fight the existing model but instead create a new one was right. We maybe don’t have to fight or be divided. We might just have to make better choices. Together good people can make a better way of living. A healing of land, water, peoples and of the disheartening division that traps us in fear. I think maybe it starts with respect for good hearts, good deeds, good ways; good intentions and for life in any forms. This nation is not devoid of wisdom though it really looks that way right now. Somehow we have to come together and make a new nation; one that cares regardless of race, color, gender, orientation, culture or wealth, one that takes care of the land for future generations; one that combines the greatest good from all the people here. We could be a nation that seeks out the lost, hurt, and the suffering. Seeks them out, embraces them and helps them to heal and flourish rather than turning our backs on them. I hope one day all the people can have an equal opportunity and that we can allow for the traditional way of living on this land to be upheld for the benefit of all. The wisdom, kindnesses, respect and healing ways of the first people will make all of the people stronger and happier. I’m not an Indian, and never will be, nor do I want to be, but I respect the culture very much. I love it. We want the same things in this time on this land. Justice, freedom, respect, caring, loving, health, healing, clean waters, clean air, clean soil, clean food, and a way to keep it clean and abundant for future generations. Let’s get together and do something new; one tribe of one people. Humble, respectful, kind and color blind people. I don’t know much about anything, but in my heart I feel like this would be a good way forward. That’s what was on my mind but it came from my heart.


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