The Human Condition Comedy Tour

Another inspiring story from Scott Porteous, comedian.  I saw the Facebook page for his tour and knew he had a story to tell, a story he needs to tell in his own words   

Hello my name is Scott Porteous founder of The Human Condition Comedy Tour;

I’ve been doing comedy for almost 17 years.  I’ve been doing it well for maybe two of those years.  I just recently started to organize tours utilizing charitable organizations.  It all stemmed from being growing tired of waiting for opportunities.  I grew weary of being under the radar and constantly not given any breaks so I decided to create my own opportunities.  I’ve always been that way though.  If I want to do something I’ll do it even if it’s a more unorthodox or unconventional approach. 

I have been combining my passion for comedy with doing fundraisers.  Every charity I approach I try to be professional, personable and genuine with them.  I tell them it’s just me being selfish in the most selfless way, I’m not trying to get rich or anything just want to do what I love and not go broke doing. I enjoy traveling, I enjoy meeting people which is strange because I’m anti-social in my own city,  I enjoy telling jokes to complete strangers. I enjoy making people laugh.  I enjoy people having a great time.  That’s always been my nature.  I take it personal if someone hasn’t had a good experience with something I’m involved in.  So if I’m able to do what I enjoy, make a little money and help out some charities in the process AMAZING.

I’m also aware that I’m not at the point of headliner yet, I’m a strong middle at best…maybe an above medium even.  So I knew I needed to have a couple of other likeminded individuals to come along with me on this journey.  I usually try to pick out people I can bond with; great company. Decent human beings won’t get sick of me and vice versa quickly and of course funny.  So far I picked great people to tour with and hoping that records remains undefeated.  (If that makes any sense)

I launched this tour in October 2019 with Shawn Gramiak (from Edmonton) and Frank Russo (from Toronto) both good friends.  It was a month long tour and we supported over 20 different charities.  It was such an amazing experience.  So much beauty in new towns I’ve never been in.  Granted it was a little long and over whelming being my first dip into this approach and making it a 30 day stretch but such a reward experience as well.  

Currently I’m touring with Scott Belford (from Calgary) and Adam Mac (from Red Deer) and they are great guys in general so I knew they’d be awesome to tour with.  We are only doing 10 days.  The current tour is focused on Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  I also find it easier to promote when there is only 9/10 different shows rather than a 30 day stretch.  I have shows planned with my BFFS Nadine Hunt (from Edmonton) and Nelson Mayer (from Winnipeg).  I have a tour planned with them for Vancouver Island coming July 2020.

These have been completely independent we don’t really have any sponsors.  We would definitely welcome anyone wanting to support our cause though.  It’s not money we need more accommodations and a rental.  At the moment we are utilizing couch surfing, friends and family, Airbnb and a few venues have been kind enough to provide us with a place to stay for the night at a hotel.

In the long run I feel like this is something that stands out.  I don’t believe anyone has really focused on doing a charity tour that supports several different local charities like we are doing, I could be wrong but I never seen anything like what we’re doing at the moment.  So I feel like it’s something really special that if enough people caught wind would really help grow our tour and our cause.  The reason I chose the name The Human Condition is because a cheesy as it sounds I like the idea of people from different walks of life, different paths, different beliefs, different views, different stand points etc., being brought together for one common reason.  There is something beautiful and cool about that.  Also it’s human to error and we all error which makes us all able to relate to something in our lives which is where our comedy comes in as we have jokes about good things but also about some low points in our life, or our flaws, etc.  

I try to select charities with variety. Naturally we can’t help everyone so I try to incorporate several different causes as well as local and small if I can because they need the most awareness.  I am open to being approached by charities but need the full participation of the charity in promoting the fundraiser.

Overall I just want to be able to travel, have fun, not die of starvation, have great memories as well as give great memories.  I’m 36 don’t know when I’m going to kick the bucket so try to do as much as I can that makes me happy; just a simple approach for a simple man.

To learn more about The Human Condition Comedy Tour and Scott

instagram @ thccomedytour

Instagram @scottporteous

Twitter- @scottporteous 


Kind Regards,

Scott Porteous

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