Why Not….

I have enjoyed meeting the people who have written as guest bloggers on Mirella Muses, it has been both a privilege and an honor for me to open my blog to those who have amazing stories to tell, and I believe we must be able to tell our own individual stories rather than have our story told by someone else. I am thrilled that Colleen Rae chose to tell her story in her own words on my blog. She is not only an award winning entertainer, lovely and an inspiration to so many women with disabilities.

I’m a Mom, a Wife, a Singer, a School Supervisor, a Skincare Consultant…Why Not! I say “Why Not” do all and more that is in my mind and in my heart! I am confident, but I wasn’t always this way. I will be forty years young in a couple of months and that makes me smile, for I know who I am and where I am going. Having a Family, writing songs and being my own “boss” have helped me be so bold.

When I was a kid (around age 7) I’d stage my own shows in my parent’s driveway. I’d get my Dad to help make the Kool-Aid and popcorn, sell items for $0.05 – $0.10 and sing for the crowds sitting in lawn chairs in my drive way. Sometimes there would be only a few supporters sitting in those seats, but that never fazed me, I sing every show to this day like it might be my last.

The entrepreneur in me continues to grow on stage, promoting my own CD’s and sharing my own skincare business. I love to help people have healthy-looking skin. Our skin is one of our largest organs, and it’s not about being vain, this is connected with self-confidence.

I’m so thankful my own Mother showed me how to find a balance. She’d pick my brothers & I up from school and still head to work, and whenever she’d get a quiet moment to herself…I’d hear her playing songs on the guitar and singing country classics in her bedroom.

Growing up around a musical family made it feel right to make a career in music.
I teamed up with award-winning producer Louis Sedmak for the third time to record my third independent CD ‘Holding On To Life’. The collection of seven songs highlights my writing on a vulnerable level.

I was awarded “ARTIST TO WATCH” by the EMA (Edmonton Music Awards) for my Sophomore CD (Look At Her Go). One gem co-written with Nashville’s William (Jimmy) Wallace, ‘Quickest Heart In Town’, captures the story of one guarded heart. The song went #1 on CFCW Top Canadian Singles and was named the stations most requested local Canadian song for 2016.

My Debut CD ‘What You Need Is Me’ charted 7 out of 10 singles – that’s unheard of for a new artist. Three songs from my Debut CD went #1 on CFCW’s Top Canadian Singles. It was the first time I received nominations by the WCMA, TIMA, and CCMA.

It is rewarding to donate my time, skincare baskets, and talent to charities like the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. I’ve helped raised over $37,000.00 for the Nina!

One thing you’d be surprised to know is I was born with Spina Bifida Occulta and learn about it at age 7. I was told by others, it does not mean that I have a disability. However, none of them ever lived with the pain that comes with it. I’ve also kept it private because it isn’t visible. I also knew others who suffered more severe symptoms and issues with the condition. “Keep on truckin’” as my Dad would say, is the mindset I have of working through the physical pain. I have numbness in my legs, pain in my back & neck. I have found help with acupuncture and a chiropractor.

The one thing I always wanted to be in life was a Mom and I had the fear that I wouldn’t be able to give birth (because of my weak spine) or worse that I would pass on the genetics to one of my children. Both Jack & Tommy are healthy and I feel blessed.

I wear all these different hats and so my two Boys can look up to me and see that it’s ok to be more and to do more. I fulfill my passions and my eagerness to help others through my Skincare Company and music. Why Not…

Colleen Rae can be reached at:


To learn more about Spina Bifida Occulta: https://www.columbiaspine.org/condition/spina-bifida-occulta/

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