Heartfelt request to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

I was recently approached by a young lady named Erin who asked me if I would share her blog post on my Facebook Pages.  I said that I would and then I read her blog post after asking Erin a few questions I realized that I may be able to help her with her request.  I then offered to give her access to my blog and give her the opportunity to be a guest blogger.  I then contacted some of my acquaintances in the industry explaining Erin’s wish.  We were invited to speak and be interviewed on blogtalkradio.com/hartbeatradio an internet radio program Produced by Bob Johnson and hosted by Bruce Hart. From time to time I will be offering updates about Erin’s journey.  Here is Erin’s request:

Heartfelt request to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

My name is Erin Despas and I am 29 years old from a town in Alberta, Canada. I was born with the birth defect Spina Bifida and also have Hydrocephalus and Chiari Malformation which often can accompany Spina Bifida.

Growing up I never qualified for Make a Wish or any other agency that grants wishes. Now, as an adult, I wonder if there may still be a way to make a wish. Please?

Putting it very bluntly, even if I were to only meet Vince or Stephanie McMahon, I would be happy. I would really like autographs or to meet a superstar or diva though. I can’t attend live events due to medical issues (mobility issues, seriously bad anxieties, etc…).

Thank you so much and I am sorry for being a pest. I just love the WWE and what it means to me; (Memories of myself watching with my dad when I was younger and feeling like I was actually connecting with him, when we really don’t have a good relationship otherwise).

If you’d like to contact me, please send me a message on Facebook at Erin Despas or on Twitter at Erin Despas. Thank you very much!

Update May 3, 2015:

After getting nowhere with my request I asked Mirella Sacco if she would post my request on her Facebook Pages Mirella agreed to post my blog on her Facebook Pages and also offered to have me as a guest blogger. I was asked to express what I like about the WWE. This has had me pondering, what is it about WWE that I like so much? Sure others might say it’s the bodies being thrown around like rag dolls, the punches that throw grown men or women to the matted ground outside the ring. But for me it’s more than that. Sure, I cheered like everyone else when Daniel Bryan won the ladder match at Wrestlemania 31 becoming the new Intercontinental Champion. There’s more though, reasons very personal to myself that make me a fan. First off I think of the memories. No, not the matches, nor even the Montreal Screw job. You see, in the beginning as a young teen I would watch with my dad. The sheer violence would scare me. Heck, even the Undertaker when he first came out and made his way to the ring would put a grimace on my face and a shiver down my back. It’s the very memory of just being there, sitting with my dad and feeling like we could really connect about something. Not even hockey could do that. But then of course, are my other reasons for my fandom. I was born with medical conditions that left my legs weaker than my peers’. I also wasn’t able to partake in sports of any kind for fear of my shunt taking a blow or my neck either of which would surely have found me in an emergency room. So, for me, it’s also an admiration; an admiration of how strong each and every one of them is, and was for those who have since retired. And then, of course is what I consider my most personal reason for forever being a fan. Bret Hart. Sure I love the Hitman but that is only a character, a persona. I look more to the man that lies beneath; the man who fought against an acute stroke; someone who fought just to turn his hand over. I would sincerely hope Mr. Hart wouldn’t mind my saying these things but for all Bret Hart has had to endure in his life, I respect him completely and absolutely; then comes my final reason for loving WWE as I do. Natalie Neidhart-Wilson. Fellow fans might know her better as Natalya. My current favourite wrestler, Natalya wears the same colours her uncle and father did, enters to a remixed version of her uncle Bret’s music AND Natalya does the same finishing move that her uncle and grandfather developed together. Although I do still think Bret does it better; sorry Natalya. So I guess I’m hooked. Now all I have to ponder is, when’s the next match?


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