Boardwalk Rental Communities

Boardwalk Rental Communities placed a barrier in place in order for me to access the garbage bins several months ago, I have an agreement that staff are to assist me with garbage removal when I require it, as the barrier was not in place when I moved into the building.  Recently they changed area coordinators and office staff.  On July 8, 2014 I sent an email to the office requesting garbage removal as has been my habit for quite some time now; in the mean time I left the building returning at around 8 pm that evening to find my garbage still outside my door.  I immediately check my emails to make sure that I had sent an email; which I had, I them emailed the current Area Coordinator to express concern. 

The next morning I forwarded the original email from the day before thinking that perhaps it wasn’t seen also adding a request that in the future that they please confirm receiving my emails to ensure that emails are being seen and received.  The next thing that happened was quite odd because I received an email from the office saying something about someone being up in 5 minutes, and this is where I need to be very careful because it appeared to be signed by someone that isn’t working in the building any longer or perhaps a message that may have been copied and pasted, I am not sure but to me it looked like the individual who is in the office now was trying to pretend to be someone else, I noted that the individual that was in the office  was not the person who signed the email.   I expressed this to the area coordinator in an email, the area coordinator requested a meeting with me to which I declined expressing my reluctance to her and my desire to communicate in writing only. 

On Friday I received a letter informing me that the garbage removal was temporary and threatening to evict me; the same threat that I received a few years ago because I expressed concerns.   I then emailed the area coordinator expressing concerns over this letter that I received signed by her with attachments of emails between myself and the former area coordinator regarding this issue along with pictures of the barriers; requesting that they either remove the barriers or they continue to assist.

I believe that the current office staff doesn’t want to assist with garbage removal and they are attempting to make it seem that I have been a problem, this isn’t new they have done this in the past in.  In my last email I did say that if this wasn’t remedied I would be filing complaints with the Landlord and Tenants Advisory Board and the Human Rights Commission.

Unfortunately I cant post any of the letters or all of the pictures in this blog.  The picture featured is one of a barrier that has been created within the last year or so. 



One thought on “Boardwalk Rental Communities

  1. UPDATE: I have not received an apology for the threat as of yet, however they have agreed to assist with garbage removal 3 days a week and they have placed an upright washing machine in the laundry room. I have been informed recently that 2 of the staff members that where involved are no longer with the company.

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