I have blogged about this before but I think it is worth discussing again due to some people thinking that the Disabled parking placards that the Government issues are so easy to obatain.

I can tell you they are not easy to obtain, first and foremost you have to have a disability and be restricted in how far you can walk, you have to go to any registry office to pick up a form, make a doctor’s appointment, get your doctor to fill out the form, some doctors charge to have this form completed, which is up to their own discretion. Then you bring the form back to your local registry office; the registry office charges you for the privilege of having the placard, prices in Alberta vary because the registry offices are privatized.

When you make a judgement call about people who use parking placards please know your facts before you speak out about it and paint people with the same brush. It does a diservice to those really need a parking placard because of a physical disability and remember it snot about being treated with special treatment; its about leveling the playing so that everyone can have access participate equally in society.

For the Placard you can contact:

For disabled parking zones contact:


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