Have you ever been behind or at an intersection and seen a white minivan make what appears to be an illegal left had turn; you may have honked your horn at the vehicle or given the driver the finger.

That vehicle may have been a City of Edmonton Disabled Adult Transportation System Vehicle and these vehicles are allowed to make a left had turn provided that the no left turn sign says “Except Transit”

The Disabled Adult transportation System has two types of vehicles that they operate; the first is the large white vehicle or what DTAS calls a wheelchair bus, the second is a minivan that may be numbered, has blue line design on the side with a disability symbol on the side. Some of these vehicles may also have what looks like a small cone shaped light on the top of the vehicle.

The City of Edmonton Transit Department has also purchased what are called low floor buses; there are two types of low floor buses; regular size buses and what are called community buses or New Flyer buses that are significantly smaller.

In the future if any of you spot a wheelchair van or minivan as I have described remember that they are permitted to make a left hand turn. Alternately if you see a vehicle and they don’t fit the description of a DATS Vehicle then you should take down a license plate number if you can and dial 311 or email and report it, but safety first pullover; don’t talk on your cell phone while you are driving.

If you need to apply for the DATS service you can get more information by clicking the link here:


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