Facebook Posts……………………

I recently conducted an experiment on Facebook, to see what kind of pictures and posts would get the most reaction. The results were very interesting and telling of how people are willing to get involved in a good cause or not.

On my Personal Facebook page I posted a picture of a local historical building that has condos attached to it; my caption read “As of August 1st this will be my new home, from renter to homeowner!!!!!!!!!!! “ 7 People posted comments and 18 people liked the post.

On my fan page I posted……..

For some time I have been thinking that there would be a benefit from a new Spina Bifida Association in the form of a local (Edmonton) or a Provincial (Alberta) for those that are not getting what they need from the already existing groups. Sometimes Groups can’t be all things to all people and there comes a time when something new needs to come along and fills the gaps that others are not filling. I would appreciate feedback, for those who want to provide feedback but would rather send me a private message I welcome your feedback as well. No one posted and no one liked this post but had a reach of 45. So people did see it even after I reposted it no one liked or commented

I even went on to say “Advocacy that will actually make positive change, Scholarship Fund at a higher level than any other group, Medical Supply or Equipment Fund, a commitment to life-long learning, under no circumstance will the focus change or funding be direction to other projects, funding raised for a specific need is used for that need.” And still no one liked or commented on this post.

The posts are very different in that one is a picture and doesn’t require any commitment whereas the other is a sign that people fear if they comment they may be asked to join some group or volunteer and get them involved in another project to which they won’t know how to say no.


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