Are You Being Bullied

For a number of years now we have been inundated through Public Service Announcements, non-profit initiatives and Social Media about the effects of bullying children; the worst of which is a child feeling so hopeless that they commit suicide; however we haven’t heard a lot about how to prevent and put a stop to it.   

It is starting to come to light that not only children get bullied but adults as well; especially on social media and at their place of employment.

Up until recently I wouldn’t have considered myself to have been or being bullied.   Not until  I really gave it some thought and realized that I too have been bullied; not only as a child but as an adult, the only difference between myself and a child that has committed suicide because if being bullied is that I have been able to deal with it and put a stop to it. 

Personally I stood up for myself and the bullying stopped.  But not everyone feels that they can stand up for themselves.  It is up to strong willed individuals to teach children and adults how to stand up for themselves and stop or prevent bullying.

My experiences with bullying have come about when I have responded to a post on Facebook about a social issue many times and have been met with someone who thinks its appropriate to say something offensive directed at me;  this one is easy to resolve because you can choose to not engage and block the person.  

I can remember an incident in Junior High School with a bully, it was so long ago that I don’t remember what was said to me but I do remember what my response was; funny how that works; I laughed. 

For me I think I have been bullied more in the workplace than anywhere else. Again that has always been easy for me to resolve; I would quit and move on to another position.  Keeping in mind what my High School Accounting Teacher told me, “Keep your job for a minimum of 1 year”. 

In my opinion and my opinion only; I will not speak for anyone else, I have been bullied as an adult in the workplace because people have been threatened by me.  Unfortunately I believe we still live in a society that believes that people with disability are not supposed to excel at anything let alone the workplace.         

I hope I have given many of you who read this post not only options to resolve bullying but also something to think about when engaging on social media and the workplace.   And remember to “Enlighten, Engage and Empower”.  And remember to be kind to each other.  

The Canadian Government has a great website aimed at children being bullied online, you can see it here:

 If you are a parent you can also do something to prevent your child from being bullied, you can see some great tips here:

 If you are an employer and want to prevent bullying this site has some great tips for you:

 Do you feel that you are being bullied in the workplace this site offers tips for you:



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