City of Edmonton Address Confusion or Maybe Not………………………….

I don’t know that I would be too happy if I was new to the City of Edmonton or If I was a cab driver or in any other business that required me to know my way around the City of Edmonton.  Over several years I have noticed that many addresses in the City of Edmonton are wrong.   

My first example of this is 11027-102 Street; the address on this building should be 10227-110 A Avenue because the front door of this building faces the Avenue.  Another example is First Edmonton Place located at 10665 Jasper Avenue; this building is actually on 107 Street, there is a parking lot on the corner of 106 Street. 

Then there is the church on the corner of 110 Avenue and 101 Street whose address is 10131 111 Ave; again the churches front door faces the Avenue.  The building number of 31 is correct however it isn’t on 101 Street nor is it on 111 Avenue or is it? If someone tries to rationalize the other addresses in the same neighbourhood they will quickly become confused. Like the Strip Mall across the street from the church, the addresses at the Mall are 10138-111 Avenue to 10120-111 Avenue when the Strip Mall is actually on 102 Street and 111 Avenue, this begs the question, how or why are 2 addresses that are directly across the Avenue from each other but on the same street have addresses that are on different Streets.

If you travel one block directly east of the Strip Mall and the Church you will find a gas station with the address of 11027 – 101 Street once again if the church and the Strip Mall are both on 111 Ave how is it possible that the gas station is on 110 Avenue as the address suggests.       

Even further east of these addresses you will find 50th Street; I have to say this one made me chuckle.  If you keep traveling east you will find yourself on 112 Avenue and 50th Street, you will only be able to travel north or south on 50th street.  Remember you are on 112 Avenue if you travel one block North you will soon discover that the street post says that you are on 115th Avenue and as you travel South on the same street the next street post says you are on 114 avenue in other words if you are traveling north on 50th street you are on 114th avenue then 112 avenue then 115 avenue, it doesn’t make sense not to mention making it very confusing for a person who is new to the City of Edmonton.  

I hope that someone from the City of Edmonton sees this post and takes the initiative to correct these mistakes.  Or perhaps I should send a link to the post to 311 Edmonton.


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