High School vs College

For the several years I have been going to local Colleges and High Schools to get my hair done, only because I don’t feel I should have to pay upwards of $150.00 to get my hair done because I have long hair.

I know that most people are very attached to their hair; pun intended.  If you think that the students at a Cosmetology School have very little or no experience with cutting or colouring hair in most cases you may be right; the average cosmetology student attends a College for 10 months at which time they will enter an apprenticeship to obtain a license to be a hair dresser.  They can enter a cosmetology program with no experience in the field. The average cost for a cut and colour at a College would be $40-$60.

However if you go to a High School you are likely to have a student do your hair that has 3 years of experience with cutting and colouring hair; average cost for service $40-$60 that’s right the same or in some cases it may even be cheaper.

If you are on a budget I would consider going to a High School that has a Cosmetology Program.  Not all schools will have the same prices; I recommend calling around to compare prices.   I know from personal experience you can get a cut and colour at the Cosmetology Program at Queen Elizabeth High School  for around $40  to give you an idea of the prices.


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