Real Estate Events

If you have ever received an “invitation” to a Real Estate Event and wondered what they are all about, read on.  In July I received an invitation to what was being called  Flipping Edmonton, being curious but also cautious in an effort to gain knowledge I googled the two hosts that were supposed to be present and found that in order to benefit from their knowledge of Flipping Edmonton you have to sign up and pay for seminars and/or classes. 

 Fast forward to September and I received another invitation which was being billed as a Real Estate Event.  This invitation came from what looked like the Chateau Lacombe Hotel in Edmonton; and promised that I would learn how to find properties in my area before they become available to the general public.

 I tried to do research about this particular event but couldn’t find anything.  With the promise that I would receive an IPod and an MP3 player I decided I would register to attend. 

 Upon entering the banquet room the first thing I noticed was two large pictures of Todd Millar and Dean Graziosi. Maybe it’s just me but the two pictures would mean that the two individuals in the pictures would be present at the event.  I admit I didn’t know who Todd Millar was but I had seen Dean Graziosi on a late night infomercial a handful of times. 

 I was first greeted by Todd Millar then an unnamed individual escorted me to my assigned seat.  Once the event began it became clear to me that Dean Graziosi was not physically present but had pre-recorded messages for all in attendance that were played a few times throughout the evening.   

 The seat that I was assigned to had several brochures and pamphlets, a pen and a pad of paper which I used to write notes on; along with a granola bar and some gummy candies; but no water to accompany the goodies.

 The first speaker Todd Millar had a lot of one liners and spoke in point form about what we would be learning if we signed up for a 3 day seminar which could cost $2000.00, unfortunately it took Mr. Millar approximately 2 hours to get to that very important information.   As the evening went on the $2000.00 initial fee kept going down to a point where I lost track of how much it would actually cost to attend the 3 day seminar.  It also became clear to me that the market they are promoting for investment is the USA; so much for the promise of helping me find properties in my area.

 Following Mr. Millar was 2 other speakers whose names escape me be, oh wait that’s because they didn’t introduce themselves; I do remember something that one of presenters said.  As a last ditch effort to get the remaining guests to sign up for the seminar that was being promoted the final speaker went on a tangent about how many of us may feel we can’t afford to attend the seminar.  At which time he said “you can afford cable can’t you”.  I felt instantly insulted but after I had some time to think about his comment/question I started to think about how would a TV work without cable  or are rabbit ears even an option for TV’s that are made today. 

My overall opinion of this event is that there were promises made that were not delivered.  I did receive the MP3 Player; and was directed to a website in order to get my free IPod when I went to the website I found it very difficult to navigate and finally gave up.  If you have around $2000.00 lying around and a lot of time to devote to creating wealth through Real Estate investing and are willing to take a risk on the promise of being assisted in your efforts.  Then this is for you. By now Canadians are aware of the likes of Lethbridge ex-preacher Ron Aitkens I think most Real Estate Agents will tell you that being in Real Estate takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge.  Above all else be very careful, do your homework and listen to your instincts. 





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