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From time to time I would like to write about specific incidents that people have encountered whether it be about accessibility, government issues (All Levels) or anything that you the reader would like to make known to others but please keep it relevant to disability issues,  let me know and I will make every effort to write about it .  If you wish to remain anonymous but still want to inform others of something you have encountered let me know and I will respect your privacy.

In the last few years I have tried to use a wheelchair or scooter when doing shopping.  I do not own either myself as I use forearm crutches.  Most Malls and several Grocery Stores  will have a Wheelchair or Scooters available for customers who require them.  However I have found that not all retailers or Malls will have Scooters or Wheelchairs available, I have also found that there may be a cost associated with the use of Wheelchairs and Scooters,  additionally I have noticed that not all stores are barrier free in order for someone with a Wheelchair or a Scooter to be used with ease.  Before you make plans to visit a specific retailer, mall or grocery store call in advance to inquire about policies or costs associated.  For more information about this topic and others   visit my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mirellalsacco


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